A Beginner’s Guitar to the Classical Guitar  is a complete “stand-alone” resource for the first year or two of classical guitar study.  Internationally acclaimed, its teaching materials and innovative methods are used in more than 180 countries.  

There is also an extensive repertoire section that contains solos and duets organized by both key and level of difficulty. 


Multimedia resources include:

  • Free You Tube Videos of music from the book.  There are now more than 40 video performances of the repertoire from the book.  Each video features 3 views of the playing – an overall “concert view”, a left hand close up, and a right hand close up. Many of the videos have a scrolling score at the bottom of the screen, showing each line of music as it is being played.
  • A CD of 77 tracks from the repertoire of the book that is separately available for purchase as downloadable MP3 files (on iTunes, Rhapsody, etc.), or the physical CD itself.

The text includes comprehensive presentations of subjects essential to the guitarist:

  • holding the guitar - sitting posture, left and right hand positioning
  • fundamentals of music
  • music notation
  • guitar notation
  • tuning
  • the art of practicing
  • left and right hand technique
  • music theory, including how scales and chords are constructed
  • sight reading