J.S.Bach French Suite III - BWV 814

This arrangement of Bach’s French Suite III, BWV 814, is based on the Bach-Gesellschaft edition of his keyboard works.  It contains both a fully notated score for two guitars, and individual guitar parts. These keyboard masterpieces lay out remarkably well for two guitars, and there are only a few places where voice crossings were necessary.  As much as possible, the approach I have applied is to keep the melodic/contrapuntal lines as true as possible to Bach’s original.  The ornaments from the original manuscript have also been included. I recommend that guitarists consider their approach to their realization in a flexible and informed way. 

This arrangement follows the spirit of Baroque practice, and Bach’s own extensive adaptations of his music from one instrument to another.  In my arrangement I have been inspired by both Baroque-era traditions and the irresistible beauty of the music