four easy Video Tutorials

Below are videos of four "easy" pieces that beginners can study with great results and rewards.  Each piece is played exactly as it is found in the book, and in addition to just watching and listening, it is helpful to look at the music score while listening.  This helps train the eye to link the music to the score.  Repetition is very helpful, especially if you watch and listen a few times, then come back after a break, and listen and watch again. 

This short etude is based on the Isaac Albeniz piano piece Leyenda.  In this easy etude the left hand plays in the first position throughout, and the right hand focus is on the thumb, which plays the bass melody. The music score is found on page 107 of the book.

 From Bach's Cantata # 147, this brief excerpt of the famous melody is set for beginners in two parts - melody and bass. The music score is found on page 120 of the book.

This Minuet is one most famous and beautiful tunes of the great English composer Henry Purcell. Active in the late 17th century, Purcell's Minuet is an excellent piece for the beginner to play.  The music score is found on page 175 of the book.

The Parlement is a 16th century lute piece, here arranged for guitar. The 6th string uses a dropped D tuning. The music is on page 139 of the book.