Bach’s Suites á Violoncello Solo senza Basso are thought to have been composed during 1717-1723, when Bach served as Kapellmeister in Köthen.  The manuscript copy of Cello Suite III, BWV 1009, included in the third part of this edition, is the only surviving original. It is generally thought to be in the hand of Bach’s second wife Anna Magdelena Bach.  Some scholars now maintain that the manuscript is indeed in the hand of Johann Sebastian Bach.  It is housed in the Deutsche Staatsbibliothek in Berlin.

This is the historical source, along with current scholarly editions of the Bach cello suites, from which this arrangement has been made. 

This edition consists of three parts, each of which includes the complete suite:

Part I - The fully realized guitar arrangement.

Part II - The guitar arrangement in score with the unadorned cello part.  This allows the player to always have at hand a definitive resource to see what the Bach original was.

Part III - This is a reproduction of the original Bach handwritten manuscript.