Music of the Dreaming Heart Trees

A reviewer of this album on CD Baby wrote:
"This CD offers a rich, tactile experience of what it must have been like to sit under the two "singing" trees playing love songs to each other in the hidden cove on the remote Balinese island where this magical tale took place. 

The music of Jeffrey Goodman itself has a magical quality--a pleasing, naturalistic sound that evokes the wind, and, with its beautiful, melancholic, wistful quality, is vaguely reminiscent of the shakuhachi flute in Zen. However, with its wind chimes and other melodic sounds, it is often more like a balmy ocean breeze. It is meditative, soothing, and enchanting.  Altogether, this CD subtly transports one to an otherworldly place at the far end of the earth, but with its dreamy, meditative, evocative tones and mood, also to the center of one's being. It is a delightfully religious piece of music, and I strongly recommend it to the person who can appreciate how new sounds evoke ancient feelings of the soul."

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