Christmas in Camelot

A Tale of Music and Magic in King Arthur's Court

More than 14 centuries ago on a cold and sparkling clear Christmas Eve, a deep snow blanketed the land.  A brilliant star illuminated the midnight sky: it was a harbinger of a special Christmas.  King Arthur had gathered his court at Camelot for an evening of music and celebration. 

 Among those in attendance were Queen Guenivere, Sir Lancelot and his son Galahad, Morgan le Fay, Mordred, and Niniane the fabled Lady of the Lake. The prophet Merlin thenarrived with great fanfare and drama.  He carried with him a mysterious glass case covered with a blue silk cloth.  King Arthur asked, “Merlin, can you now please tell about this special evening of music you have promised us?”  Merlin answered, “Your Highness, tonight we will play Christmas music from more than 1000 years hence.  I have traveled forward in time and brought wonderful music that people all around the world will come to treasure for their Christmas celebrations.”  

 King Arthur said, "Let us then not further delay.  Let the Christmas music begin.”