Musicians' Round Table

Mason Williams, Carlos Barbosa-Lima and Larry Del Casale are guests of Musicians' Round Table, hosted and produced by Jeffrey Goodman They discuss and perform selections from the newly released CD "Carlos Barbosa-Lima plays Mason Williams." Featured are discussions by Mason, Carlos, Larry and Jeffrey, and three complete performances by Carlos and Larry that include Classical Gas, Saturday Night at the World, and Country Idyll.
On October 15th, the renowned Italian guitar virtuoso ANDREA DIECI gave this live streaming interview on Jeffrey Goodman's "MUSICIANS' ROUND TABLE". Maestro Dieci's interview gives an in depth discussion of the solo guitar works of Heitor Villa Lobos.
"The Lutenist's Handbook" - Ben Salfield interview on Musicians' Round Table, produced and hosted by Jeffrey Goodman. Recorded in Cornwall, England, and Los Angeles, California in April 2016.
ELIZABETHAN LUTE DUETS, SOME LOST FOR 400 YEARS, are highlighted in this Musicians' Round Table interview with the Dieci Salfield Duo. Andrea Dieci and Ben Salfield discuss their current tour in Poland, where they are playing concerts of these masterpieces.
Richard Grayson, (1941-2016), world-renowned composer, classical improviser, author and teacher, discusses and demonstrates the art of improvisation in classical styles with Musicians' Round Table producer and host Jeffrey Goodman. Using the iconic theme for Star Wars, he improvises in a wide gamut of styles, including Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic and 20th Century.
Jeffrey Goodman, producer and host of Musicians' Round Table, interviews Manuel Rodriguez III on the iconic history of the Rodriguez guitar making family, the state of guitar making today, and how to evaluate in detail the many aspects of a guitar.
This remarkable interview with the great Irish classical guitarist Pat Coldrick and England's eminent lutenist Ben Salfield was recorded in September of 2016. Using Google Hangouts, Jeffrey Goodman was in Los Angeles, and Pat and Ben were in Cornwall, England. This is a wildly entertaining, yet deep and penetrating conversation.

Lin David Martin's work can be explored via the following links: Lin's website: Lin's Publications:

Pablo Rodriguez is considered to be one of the greatest Spanish talents of his generation. Hosted and produced by Jeffrey Goodman from Los Angeles, this Musicians' Round Table interview of Pablo takes place in Cornwall, England, where he is currently on tour. His program highlights the sensual nature of Latin and Spanish guitar music.
Lin David Martin gives a guided meditation, with commentary and text, based on his book "Divine Chuckles, Life from a Higher Perspective."