Whispering Harps of Merlin

A Musical Love Story


A reviewer on Amazon wrote,"I put this album on - then just relax and follow - from beginning to end. It has a meditative quality without any "new age" monotony. It moves, harmonically, texturally, emotionally. Each piece it's own unique journey. A remarkable achievement."


Shrouded in mystery, magic and intrigue, the prophet and seer known as Merlin, ever since his iconic life in fifth century Britain, has evoked a fascination that few have matched.  Medieval scribes have chronicled Merlin’s life as a magician, engineer of Stonehenge, and mentor of King Arthur of Camelot.  Merlin became known as a prodigy during his childhood, and was a much sought after visionary and healer.  Later in his life Merlin created the famous Round Table and became an advisor and military strategist to four kings. 

 Merlin first saw Niniane one morning near Camelot in the Forest of Broceliande.   Known to history as the Lady of the Lake, Niniane captivated Merlin by her beauty, grace and depth of mind.  He decided to offer his music to win her heart.  The Whispering Harps of Merlin tells the story of their meeting, romance, courtship, travels, a fateful prophecy, and Merlin’s imprisonment in a glass tower.

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Merlin the Magician is reputed to have constructed Stonehenge using his magical powers. Some esoteric traditions have elaborated on the lost science of using sound to levitate objects and perform other remarkable feats. This track from Jeffrey Goodman's CD "The Whispering Harps of Merlin" tells the story of Merlin's courtship of his true love The Lady of the Lake, known then as Niniane.
From the CD "Whispering Harps of Merlin" Niniane, also known as The Lady of the Lake, plays a love song for Merlin that tells how her heart is entranced by Merlin the Magician. She sits under a flowering apple tree by the lake and plays her harp.
Merlin the Magician has a prophetic dream that the Lady of the Lake intends to put him in prison. When Merlin awakens he manages to take out his war horn and call through the dimensions of time and space to his magical peregrine falcon named Hathor.
Merlin's Violin Prophecy. Merlin and Niniane live together at the cave and Merlin teaches Niniane all of his secrets and wisdom. After many months, Merlin decides to play his prophetic violin. While playing the violin Merlin sees that Niniane intends to cast a spell on him that will imprison him forever in a glass tower.