Carcassi Prelude in D minor

This short Prelude in D minor by Matteo Carcassi was originally published in his Complete Method for the Guitar, Opus 59.  This is a 12 bar arpeggio study using typical chords of the key of D minor and played entirely in the first position. Carcassi wrote, "Arpeggios as used on the guitar produce an agreeable effect, and, as studies, give strength and agility to the fingers of the right hand."

Carcassi Prelude in E minor

This Prelude by Matteo Carcassi comes from his "Method for the Guitar, Opus 59.  It is an introductory piece of arpeggios in the key of E minor.  Although very brief - it is only 8 measures - the harmonic design is quite elegant.

This video is presented in 3-View video format, with concert, left and right hand views of the entire piece.  This music is from Jeffrey Goodman's A Beginner's Guide to the Classical Guitar, and is found on page 130.